How to do hair removal with thread

Hello Beauty!
A little while ago I told you about Hair removal with caramel paste , a good method but that we can not do at home and like this > beauty blog We always like to discover new things today, we are going to see the hair removal with thread and how we can do it at home.
hair removal

What is thread hair removal?

It is a hair removal method that removes hair at the root, moving some threads forward and backward that are held against the skin. It can be done in the whole body although it is best to do it in small areas.

How to do hair removal with thread?

1. We choose a thread of about 60 cm can be a normal sewing thread although the cotton threads are better for hair removal with thread.
2. We take the thread by the two ends and make a knot.
3. We hold the thread with both hands, and wind it around simismo about 8-10 times.
4. We push the rolled part to one side and then to the other. This is achieved by pushing the rolled part from one side to the other by separating the fingers of one hand by closing the fingers of the other hand.
5. Once we have finished the hair removal we apply cream.
I warn you that until you get the technique it does not seem easy but afterwards it is very easy, first try on the leg until you have caught the trick .
Once we have controlled movements we can use it anywhere on the body.
Did you know the method of hair removal? with thread ?