Hunger or boredom?

Hello girls!
Eating for many people is one of the great pleasures of life, and when you are hungry there is nothing better.
But how many times a day do you open the fridge ...

Do you eat from hunger or boredom?

We all spend one day there and note you remember to eat at all hours, but then there comes a day that you have to study and the refrigerator does not have time to close.

What to do to identify you eat for hunger or boredom b>?

Very easy follow these tricks for girls :

1. Try to recognize when hunger is true. If you finish eating and you want something sweet , think again. Would you eat something else or just sweet? If the answer is only the sweet, it is clear that it is boredom and not hunger.
2. When you have that hunger, rate from 1 to 10 how much hunger you have. If you score more than 7, you are hungry otherwise you will be bored.
3. Identify the foods that you most eat and that benefit you the least, once identified, do not buy them so you will have temptation.
4. If you continue with boredom and hunger, drink a glass of water, chew gum and start doing something.
5. Do not forget to watch Are you addicted to sugar?
And you eat because of hunger or boredom ?