Life is beautiful with Belabel

Hello girls!
Today I want to show you my latest low cost purchase , a personalized Belabel t-shirt.

Belabel is an online website where you can customize all kinds of gifts according to your imagination. Choose the product, then upload the photo you want or add one of the web designs, and we put the text that we like it that easy!
And following these simple steps this is my new shirt, which is now unique (until someone copies it to me).
belabel shirt life is beautiful

My Life is beautiful I finally have it. I asked for the size M which is what I always use and it suits me, so you will not have any problems with the sizes.

You can pay with paypal and if you look at their website you will see that their prices are quite cheap.

shirt life is beautiful

And finally I show you a picture with Xandy that I wanted to show in all the pictures: -)

shirt life is beautiful

It's a place where I recommend you make your low cost shopping , especially if you want your personalized shirt, or if there is one in particular that you like, you will find it in different styles.

What do you think of the personalized Belabel t-shirts ? And my Life is Bella t-shirt?